New Year’s Resolutions… do people keep their promises?


Hello again,

I'm back on these pages. Well, keyboard. And screen.

I was on one of my music forums the other day, and noticed that someone had opened a New Year's Resolutions topic. I immediately thought “ok, here we go…”. Main reason is because I never do new year's resolutions. And that's not because I don't think I can keep the promises to myself or to others, but because to me, it doesn't have to be new year's to start over, or to make a change in my life. I think a lot of people use new year's as an excuse to start over and it does work for some of them. And I'm glad it does. But for most people it doesn't. I think it's because it doesn't matter whether it's a new year or not, if people don't want to change deep down inside. A lot of people promise to themselves that they will stop smoking, or that they will call their parents more often. Other people may say they will finally quit that job that makes them miserable. That they will tell people that they love them. And they believe in it, because it's a new year and they can start over! To me the change has to come from within the heart, and not a calendar.

I think about it this way. Every day is a new start. Every time the sun sets, a day ends. And everytime the sun comes up in the morning is a new day and a new chance to start over. If I did something bad yesterday, then maybe today I can make it better. I don't need it to be January to feel that I can start again. Hell, I could even start again in the next hour!! But if I don't believe in myself, there's no point in making those promises.

So, reading the posts on that topic, I realised that a lot people said they wouldn't waste their lives away anymore next year, or that they'd stop smoking; some said they'd focus on losing weight. I've known those people for almost two years, and they made pretty much the same promises for 2008. Did they keep them? No. Hence, they're making them again. Now, I'm not saying they don't believe in themselves, they probably do. But why waiting until the new year. Why not promising these things to themselves in August. In September. In the middle of the week or the middle of the day. Time… it's just a measurement. Time is meaningless unless we add value to it.

So, to all of you thinking about your list of New Year's resolutions… think about how much you want to achieve them, and how much they mean to you smile if you put enough feeling and ACTION into it, then anything, ANYTHING is possible. Just Take Action, don't just say the things you want. Do Them.

Thanks for reading.


Saldos de Petrohue, X Region, Chile
Saldos de Petrohue, X Region, Chile
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