Twitter… a few Tips on it.

Hi all, I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, and that you’re spending your holidays with your loved ones. I had a 4 days weekend which I truly enjoyed. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow! Anyway, a few weeks ago, let’s say less than a month ago, I joined the hype …

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I met MUSE

Hi all! I’m in the mood of posting the stories of how I met my two favourite bands. A couple days ago you learnt how I met Bright Eyes, well, Conor Oberst. Now you will see how I met Muse. I hope you enjoy the story! Again, this was written 2 and a half years …

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Telethon… Pure Philanthropy?

Hello folks, I meant to post this about two weeks ago! But I’ve been very busy lately and couldn’t finish it before! I’ll fill you in on that later 🙂 For you Americans, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. Here in Chile, we don’t have that holiday, however, our yearly (almost yearly) Telethon …

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